A big thank you to the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley RR for an excellent outing. See photos...

Our Mission 

To open a museum to promote the rich history of the American Locomotive Company and Schenectady Locomotive Works, educating the public through artifacts and historical documents. 

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Third annual train is rolling into town soon!

The first two show at the Riverfront Center in Amsterdam, NY, have grown in popularity. The second outing had more than 60 vendors and 4 operating layouts will be on site to engage the kids (and the adults). 

The date for the 2017 show is April 9, 2017 at the Riverfront Center. More information and exhibitor registration here.

Tickets for adults ($5) will be on sale at the venue. Children 12 and under are free. 

Help us restore a piece of ALCO history

Efforts continue to raise funds to restore a unique piece of ALCO history in our collection, the 40 & 8 Parade Vehicle built by ALCO in 1941.  40_8_BW_sm.jpg

The third anniversary of our partnership to house the Museum exhibits is approaching

February 15, 2017 marks the first anniversary of the ALCO Historical & Technical Society of our partnership with the Walter Elwood Museum in Amsterdam, NY to house the ALCO Heritage Exhibits from the museum. It is available to view during normal museum hours throughout the year. Many of the exhibits are the same with a few changes and some new additions, including a new exhibit on the correlation between the Erie Canal and early area railroads, plus it's effect on ALCO's predecessor, the Schenectady Locomotive Works. This new exhibit is made possible through the Erie Canalway Heritage Fund. Come out and see us in our new home.

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The ALCO Historical and Technical Society was created to preserve and share the history of the American Locomotive Company (ALCO), a prolific builder of steam and diesel locomotives that was based in Schenectady, NY. Their role in WWII as a manufacturer of tanks and other war materiel, and in the early days of cars, are two additional areas the Society is focused on. 

We invite you to join the Society today, and to visit the new interim home for the museum exhibits at the Walter Elwood Museum in Amsterdam, NY. Additionally, your tax deductible donation using the PayPal link on this page will help us with our ambitious plans.

Visit the site often to learn about volunteering opportunities, events, our participation at train shows and other other civic events in the area, or to learn more about excursions. Drop us a note through the contact form to suggest new activities or to join our mailing list. We look forward to meeting you in person. 

Two members mourned

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of not one, but two heavily involved members of the ALCO Historical & Technical Society.

First, long time board member and collections manager Dave Gould of Rotterdam, NY passed away after a short illness. Dave had been on the board of directors since early in our existence in 2009 and brought his professional experience in museum work to our fledgling organization. His experiences working for the New York State Museum system were beyond valuable in sorting out the many donations we received over the years and turning them into a true collection. His work can be seen in many of our exhibits currently on display at the Walter Elwood Museum, and he was instrumental in the creation and installation of our traveling exhibit about the correlation between New York State canals and early Railroads. His constant professionalism was unmatched.

Secondly, Dick Steinbrenner of Warren, NJ passed away after a long illness. Dick, like Dave had been involved with the ALCO Historical & Technical Society since 2009 and brought a knowledge of the American Locomotive company that was unmatched. Indeed, Dick literally wrote the book on ALCO: The American Locomotive Company, A Centennial Remembrance. Dick had become not only the knowledge, but the soul of our organization, keeping us on the right path at all times. He held the title of Chairman of the Board since 2010.

Without these two great men, this organization simply would not exist. Their collective expertise, knowledge and effort made us all better and made the organization better. They are both irreplaceable, but we will continue on in their honor.

The first ALCO Heritage Museum is closed

The grand opening for the first museum June 10, 2012 was a resounding success. More than 3,000 people attended and saw the fruits of two years of hard work by our dedicated volunteers. Limitations of the building surfaced over the first winter requiring it to be closed and now the search is on for a new location. In the interim many of the exhibits are now housed at the Walter Elwood Museum in Amsterdam, NY

We are also continuing to gather resources and information to make this site, and the museum, world class destinations. If you have interesting ALCO artifacts, from a photograph to a locomotive, we are ready to give them a good home. Contact us. And if you're a former ALCO employee, or have family stories related to ALCO, check out the Oral History Project. We'd like to capture your memories for posterity.


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The search is on for a new home for the ALCO Heritage Museum

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