Education Programs

Accessible to future generations

The Society is currently developing education program for the public.When the Museum reopens it will provide in-depth educational resources and activities for teachers, parents, kids and adult learners. Visit, learn and explore all the Society has to offer!

Programs, Classes and Lectures 

The will be a valuable resource for classes for families, members, scouts, teens, and adults when it reopens. Outreach programs to community organizations will resume when a new location is chosen. So will the free evening Science Lecture Series on a range of current topics by scientists, authors and Museum staff members. 

Teacher Resources

Contact us to learn more about field trip planning and classroom resources, school programs, professional development and our Teacher Resource Center. The Society will be developingonline science pograms to fill in while our new location is prepared. 

Coming soon:

Student Resources, Games and Activites: Check out kid-friendly games and activities as well as advice for kids about careers in science. Play a game online or find activities for parents, kids or teachers.

Blogs, Webcams, Videos and More: Explore the Museum's online community to discover even more about our exhibits, scientists and global scientific projects—including behind-the-scenes posts and steam, diesel and electric locomotive design and more!