Rediscovering the impact of ALCO

We are excited to announce a new home for the ALCO Heritage Museum exhibits. We have entered into an agreement with the Walter Elwood Museum in Amsterdam, NY to host our cased exhibits and artifacts for the near future. This will allow many of our exhibits to once again be viewed by the public in a year-round setting.  Details on what will be on display and a date for a grand opening are still in development. Check back here for further developments.

As we prepare the new location for the museum a similar attention will be paid to positioning of the large artifacts as it was in the first museum. The goal is to encourage self-guided discoveries with vistas that do not give away the entire “show” but tease visitors through the space. Comfortable space for photography is also a consideration. 

  • Civil War: The American Civil War was the first conflict in history where railroads played a key role. 
  • Erecting Shop: One of the most dramatic exhibits will be the erecting shop. An ex Boston & Maine R.R. ALCO RS-3 locomotive.
  • FA-1 Cab Simulator: Our plan is to use the cab as a simulator so visitors can experience what it is like to operate a large diesel locomotive.
  • We plan to re-materialize most of the missing section using original exterior elevations printed on vinyl and stretched along each side of a series of bent poles conforming to the lateral contours of the FA-1. 
  • ALCO & Defense: From the Civil War to the firm’s demise, ALCO played a key role in supporting our Nation’s defense. During the Second World War, ALCO was truly a part of the “Arsenal of Democracy” supplying not only locomotives to our allies, but heavy armored vehicles and marine power plants as well.
  • Oral History: Currently the Museum is working on obtaining a grant to complete this exhibit. The exhibit will incorporate the oral histories of former ALCO employees and families.
  • ALCO & Popular Culture: Positioned along the wall behind the FA-2 cab will be a series of cases and large graphics exploring ALCO products and popular culture.ositioned along the wall behind the FA-1 cab will be a series of cases and large graphics exploring ALCO products and popular culture.
  • Drafting Room: A replica of a corner of the ALCO Drafting office will be created using late 1930’s period drafting tables and equipment and copies of original ALCO drawings. ​
  • The Science of Propulsion: Adjacent to the Erecting Shop are a number of exhibits explaining how steam, internal combustion and electricity were/are harnessed for motive force. ​
  • Restoration Shop: A long mesh rail system will serve as a barrier and hold rails describing the tools and techniques used in rebuilding 50+ year-old locomotives.