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We are pleased to announce the Richard T. Steinbrenner Memorial Restoration Fund program for 2019. Last year we selected the Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad to receive the award to aid in repairing their MLW S7 locomotive. This year we are allowing you to submit applications for consideration for your ALCO related restoration project. We request that only authorized individuals from applying organization submit the form.

Richard T. Steinbrenner Memorial Restoration Fund Information

The Richard T. Steinbrenner Memorial Restoration Fund was established by the ALCO Historical & Technical Society in memory of our former Chairman of the Board, the man who literally wrote the book on the history of the American Locomotive Company, Dick Steinbrenner. Its intent is to help carry on his legacy of promoting the history and preservation of the products of ALCO through an annual monetary offering.

The award is given out to one worthy organization with an ALCO related project. Applications must be submitted by July 31, 2019, for consideration for that calendar year with announcement of winner and award given in September, or at a later time decided upon by the awarded party. Monetary amounts will be limited to $1,000 annually. In order to qualify, the applying organization must be a certified not-for-profit and the project must be ALCO specific. The winner will be chosen by the ALCO Historical & Technical Society’s Board of Directors based on the weight of all applications.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading all of the applications.

Complete the following application for consideration.

Complete Application for RTSMFR